Iowa-Alabama Gulf Coast Snowbirds Club

Zoo Info

Great news about the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. They have gotten funding and plan on starting construction around the first of the year. They will have three construction companys working on the project. They hope is to be opening in January of 2018.
What does this mean to us.
1. This year's LCB will be held at the current zoo, It will be the last time the LCB will be there. (weather problems will move us to St Andrew's)
2. Next year's LCB will be at the New Zoo.
There is a need for people to help with small projects. Building Picnic Tables, Benches, Bat Houses, Rabbit Hutches and Chicken Coops.
If any of your members are interested in any of these work day please get their names and a Al. contact phone number and e-mail. They will be plenty of chances for people to work. They can work one day, one day a month, one day a week. There will also be jobs that women can do. Some women have said that they would like to help out also.
We will talk more about this at the Presidents meeting
January 3rd (note date change) The only tools that someone would have to bring is cordless drills. The Zoo will have all other equipment.
If you have a chance to get this out to your members before your first meeting and people wanting to work and they will be down here in December there will be a lease one work day after the middle of Dec.
Any Questions e-mail me