Iowa-Alabama Gulf Coast Snowbirds Club

Snowbird Theatre Group at South Baldwin Community Theatre in Gulf Shores is presenting its Snowbird production "A Bad Year for Tomatoes" on  February 9-13 and 16-20 at 7:30 pm nightly and just at 2:30 pm on Sundays.  Tickets can be purchased online at  All ticketing is online.

A Snowbird production feature is home baked cookies between acts.  Anyone willing to bake cookies should call Judi Pugh at (608) 369-1073. Pepackaged snacks will be available but are expensive, cutting into the profit our production makes for the theatre.  Any donated cookies are much appreciated.  Homemade cookies will be distributed under Covid guidelines.

We also need snowbirds to assist each night or day of production with tickets and refreshments.  You would greet and seat  playgoers,  offer cookies, wine, coffee and punch between acts and clean up after.  Call Claudia Rogers at (815) 600-3820 to volunteer.

One more area we need help with is ticketing the night of the performances.  This would require volunteers willing to learn the new computer program and work for about 45 minutes on scheduled play dates.  There are no scheduled daily box office times.  Please call Judi Pugh at (608) 369-1073 for more information. 

Thanks for your assistance in helping us find volunteers this season..

Judi Pugh

(608) 369-1073